The Village of Beiseker will be holding a municipal election on October 18, 2021. Voters will elect five Councillors. Within this page, you will find important information about the 2021 election campaign, including relevant dates, voter requirements and candidate frequently asked questions.

The candidates running in the upcoming election are:
(In alphabetical order)
Nikki King
Victor Lemky
Nathanael Motz
Trevor Snyder
Les Spurgeon
Karen Ursu
Warren Wise

Contact Information:
If you have any questions or inquiries regarding the Village of Beiseker municipal election, please contact:
Gail Peckham
Returning Officer

Below is information relevant to candidates running for municipal office in the 2021 Village of Beiseker election.

Candidate Overview

For information regarding eligibility to run, nominations, campaigning, collecting campaign contributions and incurring campaign-related expenses, access the Government of Alberta A Candidate’s Guide: Running for Municipal Office




Can I withdraw my nomination?

Candidates may withdraw their nomination at any time during the nomination period and up to 24 hours after the close of the nomination period, provided the number of candidates nominated exceeds the number of positions for the office you are seeking.  If candidates choose to withdraw, they must provide written notice, in person, to the returning officer.  The returning officer cannot accept a withdrawal if the number of nomination papers received, equal the number of vacant offices.

When can I start campaigning?

Campaigning can start after your nomination papers are filed.

Where can I find information on campaign finances? 

There have been changes made to the Local Authorities Election Act around campaign finances and advertising, so make sure to familiarize yourself with the regulations.

Campaign Finance/Disclosure Amendments Fact Sheet

Local Authorities Election Act 

(If you’re unable to open and print the above Campaign Disclosure Statement and Financial Statement, the form can be found on the Government of Alberta Municipal Election Forms webpage.)

Election signage:

Max. Dimensions • 2.0 m² sign area • 1.5 m sign height

Signs hall be erected no more than sixty (60) days prior to an election • Signs shall be removed within twenty-four (24) hours after the election • Signs shall not be placed on any centre median or in any location that affects traffic safety or visibility • Signs shall not be illuminated.

School Board Elections

If you are intending to run for the local school board in the upcoming 2021 Election, please go to Rocky View School Division https://www.rockyview.ab.ca/board-election

For more information on the election process, access the Government of Alberta
School Board Elections Information Package.

Municipal Senate Election and Referendum Proclamation

Municipal Senate Election and Referendum Proclamation

Voter Information

Below is valuable information for Village of Beiseker residents eligible to vote in the 2021 Election.

Identification Requirements: 

Proof of name and home address is required to vote in the 2021 municipal election. The following types of verification meet the standard provincial requirement for one piece of identification:

  • Identification issued by a Canadian government, whether federal, provincial or local, or an agency of that government, that contains a photograph of the elector and their name and current address.
  • Proof of Identity and Ordinary Residence for Tenant Elector issued by the authorized representative of a commercial property management company.
  • Proof of Identity and Ordinary Residence for Incarcerated Elector issued by the authorized representative of a correctional institution.
  • Proof of Identity and Ordinary Residence issued by the authorized representative of a First Nations band or reserve.
  • Proof of Identity and Ordinary Residence for Post-Secondary Student Elector in Residence issued by the authorized representative of a post-secondary institution.
  • Proof of Identity and Ordinary Residence for Homeless Elector issued by the authorized representative of a facility that provides services to the homeless.
  • Proof of Identity and Ordinary Residence for Elector in Long Term Care or Supportive Living Facility issued by the authorized representative of a supportive living facility or treatment centre.
  • Supportive Living Facility issued by the authorized representative of a supportive living facility or treatment centre.
  • Bank or credit card statement or personal cheque.
  • Correspondence issued by a school, college or university.
  • Government cheque or cheque stub.
  • Income or property tax assessment notice.
  • Insurance policy or coverage card.
  • Letter from a public curator, public guardian or public trustee.
  • Pension plan statement of benefits, contributions or participation.
  • Residential lease or mortgage statement.
  • Statement of government benefits (for example, employment insurance, old-age security, social assistance, disability support or child tax benefit).
  • Utility bill (for example, telephone, public utilities commission, television, hydro, gas or water).
  • Vehicle ownership, registration or insurance certificate.

Important Dates


Monday, Sept. 20, 2021
Nominations close at 12 p.m. – noon.
Village of Beiseker Administration Office – 700, 1st Avenue, Beiseker


To be determined.
Village of Beiseker Administration Office  –  700, 1st Avenue, Beiseker


Monday, Oct. 18, 2021
Voting Station Hours: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Village of Beiseker Administration Office – 700, 1st Avenue, Beiseker

Other Resources
Local Authorities Election Act
Roles and responsibilities of municipal officials – Municipal Affairs
Pecuniary Interest for Municipal Councillors – Municipal Affairs  What every Councillor needs to know – A Handbook for Elected Officials – Municipal Affairs
Village of Beiseker Code of Conduct Bylaw 2018-03

For more information about elections in Alberta, check out the Municipal Affairs Election website.

Village of Beiseker Council Committees:

Economic Development & Tourism Committee
Canada Badlands Tourist Association
Emergency Management Committee
Library Board (one member only per MGA)
Museum Board
Wild Rose Economic Development Corporation (Community Futures)
Drumheller Solid Waste Management Association
Beiseker Ag Society
Rockyview Foundation
Aqua 7 Regional Water Services Commission
Airport Liaison
Youth Justice Committee
School Parent Advisory Committee
Parks and Trails
Chamber of Commerce
Rural Crime – Safe Community Plan Project

Monthly Remuneration shall be as follows:
 As of January 1, 2021
Mayor                  $7148.34         Monthly $595.70
Councilor            $6827.42         Monthly $568.95
(includes a 1.9% Consumer Price Index (November 2020) increase effective January 1, 2021.
Included in this fee are all Regular and Special Council meetings as well as in-town Committee Meetings.
Out of Town Meetings Less than 4 hours          $100.00 per meeting
More  than 4 hours       $200.00 per meeting (Includes AUMA)
Mileage $0.59 per km (2021 Government of Alberta rate)


Village of Beiseker Administration Office:  403 947-3774  Fax:  403 947-2146  beiseker@beiseker.com    www.beiseker.com
Office Hours:  Monday-Thursday 8:00am to 5:00pm, Friday 8:00am-12:00 Noon   Closed on Statutory Holidays
Public Works 403-947-3270 (for after hours and emergencies only)
Bylaw 403-807-9838
Animal Control 403-606-2938

Village of Beiseker Council:
Warren Wise, Mayor
Karen Ursu, Deputy Mayor
Al Henuset, Councillor (retired as of July 31, 2021)
Victor Lemky, Councillor
Nikki King, Councillor